The Future is Faster and Louder

Exhaust Systems for Performance Cars, Classic Cars and Supercars

Diversification and the ability to adapt when necessary are the key to success in business and so since first starting out as an independent Ferrari and Maserati specialist providing servicing and repair facilities for these iconic brands, Ftech Engineering has now transformed itself into a performance exhaust brand for cars of quality. 

Ftech’s Tim Wadman has had over 15 years experience in supplying motorcycle and supercar exhaust systems to discerning customers and so is well suited to now lead the company into this new venture.

The concept was borne after hearing and seeing various aftermarket systems fitted to vehicles that came into the workshop. Nothing seemed to look or sound as good as it could be so we set about developing and producing a ‘Challenge Stradale’ type system for our own Ferrari 360.

The results were amazing both in performance gains and noise and several systems were ordered by customers just from seeing and hearing it on our car.

As a consequence, Ftech now produce a range of exhaust systems, complete or individual components, to cover most popular performance car and supercar brands and their models. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin and Jaguar exhausts are all available from stock in many instances.