Ftech Engineering was originally founded by Dan Belli.

After many years learning his trade in the motor industry, Dan successfully gained a position as a technician at Carrs Ferrari and Maserati, Exeter. This was back in the early 2000s and is where he began working on all the then, current models of both Italian marques, as well as all the classics. He learnt about the product and the passion behind both brands. He also attended many training courses while at Carrs and gained a wealth of product knowledge.

In 2009 Dan joined Porsche Exeter as a Diagnostic Technician and was thrust into a very busy and fast paced workshop gaining even more knowledge of the supercar world. But his continued passion for working on Ferrari and Maserati led him to look elsewhere and so…

In 2010 Dan moved to London to join the team at HR Owen Ferrari and Maserati as a diagnostic technician, again working on all models. He continued attending training courses and soon rose to become a senior diagnostics technician, working on some of the rarest and most expensive cars in the world; 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo and MC12 to name but a few. He also oversaw all junior technician work so that the highest dealer standards were always achieved.

Dan also worked on many celebrity customers cars whilst at HR Owen and was also responsible for personally overseeing several Ferrari collections who’s owners insisted he be the one to carry out all work. This sometimes involved visiting the collections at their storage facility.

In 2014 Dan moved back to Exeter, Devon and, on a self-employed basis, joined the team at SCS Porsche, an independent and well respected Porsche specialist based near Honiton.

As Dan was an independent technician he was able to persuade the owners of SCS to kindly allow him the use the workshop facilities for his new business venture, Ftech Engineering, whilst still carrying out work for them. Although Dan had some degree of success he knew that to really make Ftech happen he needed to be able to focus fully on the business and his passion for Ferrari and Maserati.

At this point, a chance discussion with an SCS customer called Tim Wadman, a local businessman and confirmed car and motorcycle enthusiast, led to Dan and Tim agreeing to start Ftech Engineering Ltd and embark on making the company into a fully independent Ferrari and Maserati specialist facility in the southwest of England. Tim was impressed with Dan’s experience, attitude and attention to detail when working on customers vehicles and could see tremendous potential in his ideas. He had no hesitation in forming a business relationship with Dan and so this is where we are today……Ftech Engineering Ltd…..committed to bringing a new and rewarding experience to owners of Ferrari’s and Maserati’s in the Southwest and beyond.